Honda intends for two-thirds of global auto sales to be electrified by 2030.

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Since 2012, Honda and Acura vehicles exceeded CAFE requirements by an average of 7%.
That is the equivalent of taking more than 300,000 vehicles off the road.
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  • Five Powertrains

    Honda offers a broad portfolio of different powertrains, including gasoline, gasoline-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric vehicle and hydrogen fuel cell.

  • Leader in Fuel Economy

    The U.S. EPA ranked American Honda among the top three industry leaders in fuel economy for 36 of the last 38 years.*

    *Based on EPA's annual Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Fuel Economy Trends Report
  • Sustainable Living at University of California, Davis

    The Honda Smart Home on the campus of University of California, Davis is packed to the brim with advanced sensors that track the flow of every electron and every ounce of water throughout the home’s systems – hundreds of channels of data. This information not only advances Honda’s research, but that of our technology, utility and university partners. Learn more about the Honda Smart Home here.

  • Green Dealer

    Honda’s Green Dealer program was launched in 2012 to help independently owned and operated Honda and Acura automobile dealers in the U.S. quantifiably reduce their environmental impact. The program has expanded to included dealers that sell Honda power equipment and powersports products. Learn more about the program.

  • Design Recyclability

    Honda maintains a minimum of 90% level of design recyclability for all automobiles and a minimum 95% level of design recyclability for all powersports and power equipment products.

Honda Strives for Product Design Recyclability




Powersport &
Power Equipment

Honda’s calculation of product recyclability is based on the ISO standard 22628, titled “Road Vehicles Recyclability and Recoverability Calculation Method”.

Building Certifications from LEED, Energy Star, and Green Globes

Environmental Leadership Award Program

Honda’s commitment to the environment extends well beyond our fuel-efficient vehicles and products. Our Green Dealer Program helps Honda and Acura automobile, Power Equipment, and Powersports dealers measurably reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Learn more about the program.


Lighting accounts for around 25% of a dealership’s total energy consumption. Automatic controls and energy efficient lighting technologies can cut this amount in half.

Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling a dealership accounts for around 50% of its energy consumption. High performance windows and doors insulate the space from harsh weather, while programmable thermostats, centralized controls and high-efficiency boilers, heat pumps and air conditioning equipment help reduce the total energy required for heating and cooling.


Simply installing water efficient fixtures can cut water consumption by 30-50%. Smart irrigation systems distribute water exactly when and where plants need it with minimal loss to evaporation. A closed loop car wash system recycles water with no wastewater discharge.

Solar PV

Solar PV is the most cost-effective renewable energy option for dealerships today. Some Honda dealers have demonstrated “Electric Grid Neutral” status, meaning 100% of their net electricity consumption is generated on-site annually.

  • Platinum Eco Dealer Award: Honda of North Carolina
    Platinum Eco Dealer Award: Honda of North Carolina
    Honda of North Carolina is the first Honda Powersports dealership to earn the Honda Eco Dealer Program’s top honor, the Platinum Environmental Leadership Award. Owner and manager Jeff Carr and his sons built the dealership from the ground up, focusing on being good stewards of the land and taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment.

    To learn more about the program, visit
  • Environmental Leadership Award: Motorcars Honda
    Environmental Leadership Award: Motorcars Honda
    Motorcars Honda has achieved the Honda Green Dealer Program’s top honor, the Environmental Leadership Platinum Award. From installing a 272-panel solar array to harness renewable energy to its mission to educate the Cleveland community on sustainability, Motorcars Honda is working hard to measurably reduce its impact on the environment. To learn more about the program, visit
  • Honda Smart Home US: Meet the New Occupants
    Honda Smart Home US: Meet the New Occupants
    Three University of California, Davis graduate students now call the Honda Smart Home US their home. Showcasing Honda's vision for sustainable, zero-carbon living and personal mobility, the home functions as a living laboratory where the company, along with researchers from UC Davis and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), evaluate new technologies and business opportunities at the intersection of housing,
    transportation, energy and the environment.

    Learn more at #HondaSmartHome

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  • Introducing The Honda Marine Science Foundation
    Introducing The Honda Marine Science Foundation
    The Honda Marine Science Foundation supports science-based programs that improve and preserve coastal areas for future generations, with the first initiative the Southern California Native Oyster Restoration Project. Conducted in partnership with the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, the goals of the project include pioneering research to educate the public about the benefits of restoring native oysters for shoreline stabilization. Learn more at
  • Honda Clarity Fuel Cell at The Grove
    Honda Clarity Fuel Cell at The Grove
    Be among the first to see the revolutionary new Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
  • GreenPath
    From designing and building a new vehicle to transporting and selling it, "GreenPath" highlights the efforts Honda makes in every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle to reduce its impact on the environment. Learn more about Honda's environmental initiatives at
  • Honda Smart Home US Overview
    Honda Smart Home US Overview
    Honda Smart Home US, located on the West Village campus of the University of California, Davis, is capable of producing more energy on-site from renewable sources than it consumes annually, including enough energy to power a Honda Fit EV for daily commuting. A Honda-developed home energy management system and an energy efficient design will allow the home's occupant to use less than half of the energy of a similarly sized new home in the Davis area for heating, cooling and lighting. The home is also three times more water-efficient than a typical U.S. home. Learn more at #HondaSmartHome
  • Never Ending Race
    Never Ending Race
    In the early 1970's, as unprecedented levels of pollution choked the nation's largest cities, a group of Honda automobile engineers secretly toiled to develop an engine technology that would significantly reduce pollution from automobiles. This new environmental short film, "Never Ending Race," tells the story of Honda's industry-leading efforts to reduce vehicle emissions and how its successful technology demonstration for the state of California led to more stringent exhaust emissions standards. This eventually transformed the automobile industry's approach to automobile emissions controls and today, as a result, smog-forming emissions from new vehicles are one one-thousandth of 1970 levels. This is the third film in the award-winning Honda Environmental Film Series.
  • Honda Dealer is First
    Honda Dealer is First "Electric Grid Neutral" in U.S.
    Rossi Honda of Vineland, New Jersey is the nation's first and only dealer to achieve "Electric Grid Neutral" status, producing as much as or more energy from renewable energy sources than it consumes from its local electric utility over a one-year period.
  • Every Drop Counts
    Every Drop Counts
    In "Every Drop Counts," a retired plant engineer's sketch intrigues a team of associates who seek to generate their own energy with a simple but ingenious device. Using spare parts and materials from the plant, the team builds a small-scale hydropower generation system at Honda's manufacturing plant in Marysville, Ohio. The waterwheel-like gadget captures energy from water as it falls from a cooling tower, cutting the plant's CO2 emissions by 77,000 pounds per year. Learn more about Honda's numerous environmental initiatives at
  • Paint by Numbers: A Honda Environmental Short Film
    Paint by Numbers: A Honda Environmental Short Film
    Inspiration comes from many places. Honda engineer Shubho Bhattacharya, inspired by his belief that global warming is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind today, developed technology to reduce energy in the auto body-painting process at the Honda manufacturing plant in Marysville, Ohio. Watch how Bhattacharya's Intelligent Paint Technology has cut the plant's energy use by 25 percent. Learn more about Honda's numerous environmental initiatives at
  • Honda Installs its Largest Commercial Solar-cell Demonstration Project in the United States
    Honda Installs its Largest Commercial Solar-cell Demonstration Project in the United States
    On Nov. 3, 2011 American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced the installation of its largest commercial solar-cell demonstration project in the United States, at Honda Performance Development (HPD), Inc., the company's advanced motorsports engineering facility in Santa Clarita, CA. The 100-kilowatt, 800-cell array of thin-film CIGS solar panels, manufactured by Honda Soltec Co., Ltd., are installed on the roof, carport, and loading dock canopy at the headquarters of HPD, where the company develops engine technology for the IZOD IndyCar series, the American Le Mans Series, the Le Mans Series in Europe, and other racing programs.