Data Points

For over 40 years, Honda has been building high-quality, affordable vehicles in America.

Datapoint Investing
  • 30,000 ASSOCIATES

    Honda employs 30,000 associates in the U.S, with over 75% working in manufacturing.


    Honda operates 8 manufacturing plants in America that produce Honda and Acura automobiles and their engines, transmissions, and components.


    Honda associates in the U.S. have built 30 million vehicles since the first U.S.-built Honda Accord rolled off the assembly line in Ohio in 1982.


    Four of the top 10 vehicles in the 2022 American-Made Index are produced by Honda. (Source: 2022 American-Made Index)


    Honda has exported 1.4 million U.S.-made automobiles and light trucks since 1987.

  • $22.9 BILLION

    Honda purchased $22.9 billion in parts and materials from U.S. suppliers in 2022.

  • Honda and Acura products are built using domestic and globally sourced parts.

Honda is leveraging the experience of its U.S. associates to create a new EV Hub in the U.S.

  • 2,200 NEW JOBS

    The Honda-LGES joint venture will employ 2,200 associates who will produce pouch-type batteries with annual production capacity of 40GWh for EVs built in Honda plants.

  • $3.5 BILLION

    Honda and LGES have committed $3.5 billion to create the new joint venture battery module production facility in Ohio.

  • $700 MILLION

    Honda has committed $700 million to prepare Honda plants in the U.S. for production of electric vehicles.


    Honda is targeting sales of 100% electrified vehicles in North America by 2040, striving to realize carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050.

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Our Perspective

40 Years and 30 Million Vehicles Made in America

Our Honda team is ringing in 2023 with a milestone event – the production of the 30 millionth vehicle in America. This achievement is based on the efforts of associates at our eight auto manufacturing facilities in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana and Ohio.

Congratulations Associates, 30 Million Autos produced un the US since 1982! January 2023
How Honda is Building Tomorrow – Starting with a New EV Hub in Ohio

How Honda is Building Tomorrow – Starting with a New EV Hub in Ohio

Honda just took the next critical step toward our electrified future with two major investments that will lead our plan to build EVs in America for our customers and help achieve our global goal to achieve carbon neutrality for all of our products and corporate activities by 2050.