2012 Honda Civic Named One Of The 10 Best Green Cars of 2012 By Kelley Blue Book's

The 2012 Honda Civic sedan is one of the 10 Best Green Cars of 2012, according to Kelley Blue Book’s The Civic’s latest...

The 2012 Honda Civic sedan is one of the 10 Best Green Cars of 2012, according to Kelley Blue Book's The Civic's latest accolade is particularly timely due to rising gas prices, but standout fuel efficiency alone is not enough to win a spot on Kelley Blue Book's annual 10 Best Green Cars list, as its editors also weigh factors such as value, features and comfort.

"The 2012 Honda Civic sedan is the complete package for any consumer, and one that also provides a host of fuel-efficient powertrain options," said Art St. Cyr, vice president of corporate planning for American Honda. "We're delighted that Kelley Blue Book's editors acknowledged the most versatile offering in the class."

The editors of Kelley Blue Book's provided their own sweet reference for the award-winning Honda: "The Civic has long been the vanilla ice cream of compact sedans; it's easy to fall back on due to its remarkable reliability and exceptional value. But for 2012, the Civic has evolved into more of a Neapolitan option as it presents a choice of three different engine types: gasoline, natural gas and hybrid gas/electric. Considering all of them achieve nearly 40 highway mpg or better, the Civic is an excellent choice no matter what flavor you pick."

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