American Honda Announces More 2012 Models

American Honda Motor Company introduces another wave of machines for the 2012 model year, which include a wide assortment of dual-sport and off-road motorcycles,...

American Honda Motor Company introduces another wave of machines for the 2012 model year, which include a wide assortment of dual-sport and off-road motorcycles, ATVs and the Big Red™ MUV. These 2012 models emphasize the far-ranging options that Honda brings to customers and this broad array of machines also underscores another exciting new season for Honda. This release of 2012 models includes: the CRF450R, CRF250R and CRF150R/RB motocross machines; the dual-sport XR650L; Honda's popular selection of small-displacement recreational off-road bikes, the CRF100F, CRF80F, CRF70F and CRF50F; a host of ATVs including the FourTrax® Rancher® family, the FourTrax® Recon®, TRX400X and TRX90X; plus the versatile Big Red. In addition to these models, a host of new 2012 Honda Genuine Accessories are available that encompass the quality, performance and fit and finish you expect of all Honda products.

"Over the years, riding enthusiasts have come to know, appreciate and trust the wide diversity of machines that Honda offers," said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. "This extensive release of 2012 models serves as a perfect example of how we strive to meet the many needs of today's riding enthusiasts. This latest new-model release will fulfill the needs of many riders, but I'm excited to add that in addition to these models, we have even more new releases to follow later this year."

More detailed information and images of Honda's model line can be found on or see your local Honda powersports dealer.

- CRF450R: Setting a New Standard
Since its introduction, the CRF450R has served as the standard by which all other bikes are judged in the big-bore class of motocross machines. In 2012, Honda raises the bar once again with a host of improvements that will help the CRF450R stay at the head of the pack. A new, stiffer fork outer tube among other refinements bring a more solid feel to the front end, and stiffer fork springs, revised suspension settings front and rear plus a new shock linkage yield improved tracking, more precise handling and added rider confidence over rough terrain. New, longer and wider footpegs offer more support with a larger platform and Dunlop's premium MX51 tires add to an overall package that makes the CRF450R the bike of choice in the 450 class for 2012. Availability: July 2011.

- CRF250R: A Winning Combination Grows Stronger
Superb handling and excellent power stand as the hallmarks of the CRF250R, and the revised 2012 model ups the ante in the 250 class. A new cylinder head and 46mm throttle body produce a broadened powerband featuring more low-end and midrange torque for an amazing, right-now hit of power. In addition, a new suspension linkage and updated suspension settings front and rear bestow improved tracking and more precise handling upon the CRF250R, enhancements that make a great-handling bike even better than before. In addition to those changes, longer and wider footpegs deliver more support and Dunlop's premium MX51 tires cap off championship-caliber credentials that make the CRF250R the bike to beat in 2012. Availability: August 2011.

- CRF150RB-Expert/CRF150R: Back and Better Than Ever
Back in the lineup as a 2012 model, the revolutionary CRF150RB-Expert/CRF150R steps up to an even higher level of performance. Thanks to several key engine updates, this 2012 model boasts improved power, torque and driveability throughout the powerband. Updated suspension settings front and rear produce improved action through even the toughest of track conditions. All of which reinforce the CRF150R's premier position in racing circles. Availability: August 2011.

- XR650L: The Legend Continues
In truth, the XR650L has grown to become a legend in its own time—and for good reason. Whether the road ahead holds dirt roads, single-track trails, highways or byways, the XR650L serves as the key that opens the door to riding adventures and good times. For years, devotees of the XR650L have trusted this do-it-all mount to transport them to all kinds of far-flung destinations and back again. And for 2012, the much-beloved XR650L returns to accomplish all kinds of two-wheeled missions once more. Availability: July 2011.

- A Family Gathering: CRF50F, CRF70F, CRF80F and CRF100F
For years, Honda has offered a full line of off-road bikes stair-cased in size and displacement to meet the specific needs of riders just entering the sport. That tradition continues in 2012 with the CRF® line of family bikes beginning with the automatic-clutch-equipped CRF50F and CRF70F that both feature low seat heights and light weights that work to the advantage of those new to riding. The next rung up features the CRF80F and CRF100F, two bikes that offer manual clutches with smooth, progressive action—just right for mastering the knack of clutch starts and manual shifting. No matter which of these four you may select for the job at hand, each and every one offers the famous quality and reliability that keeps Honda at the top of the list for families that ride. Availability: August 2011.

- FourTrax Rancher Family: Built to Work—and Play
Over the years, the hard-working FourTrax Rancher series of Honda ATVs have proven to be exceptionally dependable riding partners whether the day calls for hard work or loads of fun. From sunup to sundown, these hard-working machines simply get the job done thanks to a torque-laden liquid-cooled fuel-injected 420cc engine. From that well-proven starting point, the list of configurations truly abounds: 2WD or 4WD, manual transmission, Honda's Electric Shift Program that makes gear shifts as easy as punching a button, or a fully automatic transmission. There's also a choice of Electric Power Steering plus much, much more. With so much to choose from, it's easy to see why the FourTrax Rancher family continues to stand out as one of the best picks in the world of ATVs. Availability: Summer 2011.

- Class Act: FourTrax Recon/ FourTrax Recon ES
Since the inception of this classy ATV, thousands of riders have made the Honda FourTrax Recon a best seller, and that's just the way it should be. A remarkably torquey 229cc OHV engine pumps out delightful levels of performance, while its size enhances its agile handling traits. With the option of a manual gearbox or Honda's push-button Electric Shift Program (ESP®) the FourTrax Recon continues to deliver just-right performance that gets the job done seven days a week. Availability: July 2011.

- Bring On the Performance and More: TRX400X
The TRX400X enjoys a well-deserved reputation for bringing aggressive styling and high performance to the ranks of sport ATVs. The bulletproof 397cc RFVC (Radial Four-Valve Combustion Chamber) engine has earned its place as one of the all-time great engines by offering both power and durability in spades. Yet thoughtful amenities such as a five-speed transmission plus Reverse gear and electric starting bolster the fun part of the equation as well. All in all, the TRX400X delivers all the goods for those in search of a performance-packed ATV that also includes Honda's legendary excellence of design. Availability: July 2011.

- Best Foot Forward: TRX90X
When it's time to introduce off-road riders to the world of ATVs, the TRX90X serves as the ideal starting point. While the TRX90X carries the same styling cues that place it right alongside its big brother sport ATVs, it also offers a smooth power delivery and Honda's renowned reliability. Factor in the ease of electric starting, Honda's durable automatic clutch and a refined suspension system, and you have the perfect combination for launching a new beginner off to a great start on a lifelong riding career. Availability: August 2011.

- Big Red: The World's Hardest Working MUV
In 2011 Honda brought a load of upgrades to the Big Red Multipurpose Utility Vehicle (MUV), and these changes continue to elevate this hard-working machine way ahead of all other options. Credit its multiple patents and numerous automotive-based technology features for the praise Big Red has garnered for its superior handling, secure feel and comfortable ride. Yet it works harder than ever, thanks to its 675cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine, recently upgraded load carrying and towing capacities, revised suspension, contoured bench seat for easier entry/exit and a Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) that meets OSHA requirements. Availability: August 2011.

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