Reed and Fiolek on Top at Freestone

Honda Red Riders claimed victories at round two of the 2011 AMA Pro Motocross Championship and WMA Women’s Motocross Championship over the weekend at...

Honda Red Riders claimed victories at round two of the 2011 AMA Pro Motocross Championship and WMA Women's Motocross Championship over the weekend at the Freestone National held in Wortham, TX. For the second week in a row, Honda newcomer Chad Reed took the overall round win on his Honda CRF450R, while American Honda Racing's Ashley Fiolek chalked up her first overall victory of the season on her Honda CRF250R.

Filling in for American Honda Racing riders Trey Canard and Josh Grant, who are both recovering from injuries they sustained during the Supercross season, veteran Honda racer Kevin Windham gave it his all in the grueling Texas heat. After suffering a mechanical issue in the opening moto that forced him out of the race, Windham secured ninth position in moto two and finished the weekend 17th overall. "Definitely not the result I was looking for in moto one," said Windham. "Unfortunately, I spent a lot of my energy early in moto one, and I hit a wall around the 15-minute mark in moto two—the Texas heat just got me. We've got an off weekend now so we'll use the extra time to get better and have a good showing in Mt. Morris in two weeks' time."

Reed put in a commanding performance aboard his TwoTwo Motorsports factory-Honda-prepared CRF450R, winning both motos for the overall round victory. "It looked like it was going to be a good race between Ryan Dungey and me in moto two until I made a costly mistake by changing up a line—it was a little wetter than I anticipated and I crashed," said Reed. "I got going again and put a spurt on to make up ground but then just decided to be smart and ride the race out in second place; it's going to be a long season. However, as it turned out, Dungey bowed out of the race while leading, and I ended up one-one on the day. I'm all about having fun this year, and I feel like I'm on a roll right now. Two wins in a row now; I'll take it."

Another Honda racer having a strong showing in Texas was Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda's Christian Craig. The 450-class rookie led eight laps in the opening moto before finishing 5-8 to take seventh overall.

In the 250 Class Championship, GEICO Honda's Justin Barcia nabbed the holeshot in both motos and rebounded from a ninth place result after crashing in moto one to finish runner-up in moto two, claiming fourth overall. His GEICO Honda teammate Eli Tomac finished fifth in the opening moto and sixth in the second to end the day fifth overall, while new GEICO Honda team member Lance Vincent went 16-10 for 13th overall. Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda's Cole Seely went 14-8 to finish the weekend eighth overall.

In the Women's Motocross Championship, American Honda Racing's Ashley Fiolek clinched her first overall victory of the season, going 1-2 aboard her Honda CRF250R to end the weekend on top. Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda's Tarah Gieger earned third place results in both motos for second overall, while fellow Honda racer Kasie Creson was ninth overall and Lindsey Palmer finished in 10th.

450 Class Overall Results
1. Chad Reed (Honda) 1-1
2. Davi Millsaps 4-2
3. Ryan Villopoto 3-5
4. Brett Metcalfe 9-3
5. Ricky Dietrich 8-4
6. Jake Weimer 6-7
7. Christian Craig (Honda) 5-8
8. Ryan Dungey 2-25
9. Andrew Short 15-6
10. Nick Wey 10-11
17. Kevin Windham (Honda) 28-9

450 Class Championship Points (after 2 of 12 rounds)
1. Chad Reed 97
2. Ryan Villopoto 76
3. Davi Millsaps 72
4. Ryan Dungey 69
5. Brett Metcalfe 64
6. Ricky Dietrich 53
7. Christian Craig 47
8. Kevin Windham 45
9. Jake Weimer 44
10. Tommy Hahn 40

250 Class Overall Results
1. Tyla Rattray 2-1
2. Dean Wilson 1-3
3. Kyle Cunningham 3-4
4. Justin Barcia (Honda) 9-2
5. Eli Tomac (Honda) 5-6
6. Martin Davalos 10-7
7. Matt Lemoine 8-11
8. Cole Seely (Honda) 14-8
9. Blake Baggett 7-16
10. Gannon Audette 12-12

250 Class Championship Points (after 2 of 12 rounds)
1. Dean Wilson 90
2. Tyla Rattray 85
3. Eli Tomac 69
4. Blake Baggett 66
5. Kyle Cunningham 64
6. Justin Barcia 52
7. Gareth Swanepoel 46
8. Martin Davalos 44
9. Cole Seely 42
10. Broc Tickle 38

WMA Overall Results
1. Ashley Fiolek (Honda) 1-2
2. Tarah Gieger (Honda) 3-3
3. Mariana Balbi 2-4
4. Jessica Patterson 13-1
5. Tatum Sik 6-5
6. Marissa Markelon 5-8
7. Sara Price 4-11
8. Alexah Pearson 8-7
9. Kasie Creson (Honda) 9-9
10. Lindsey Palmer (Honda) 10-10

WMA Championship Points (after round 2 of 8)
1. Ashley Fiolek 91
2. Jessica Patterson 83
3. Tarah Gieger 72
4. Mariana Balbi 66
5. Tatum Sik 59
6. Jacqueline Strong 48
7. Kasie Creson 48
8. Marissa Markelon 47
9. Sara Price 43
10. Alexah Pearson 42

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