Honda Speakers at SAE World Congress to Take an Innovative Look at Mobility’s Future

When the president of Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Frank Paluch offers perspectives on the future of personal mobility at the final gathering of the...

When the president of Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Frank Paluch offers perspectives on the future of personal mobility at the final gathering of the 2015 SAE World Congress and Exhibition, he will be capping an entire convention week of insight and perspective from Honda speakers addressing this year's World Congress theme -- "Leading Mobility Innovation."

His speech, "The Next Big Bang: The Future of Personal Mobility", will underscore the role mobility will play in the future, punctuate insight from Honda speakers and close the 2015 World Congress during the annual banquet where he will serve as its featured speaker in the Grand Riverview Ballroom at Cobo Center at 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 23.

"I'm proud that so many Honda associates will take to the podium and discuss our company's innovations and initiatives, from different corners of engineering and bring to life our theme of Leading Mobility Innovation," said Erik Berkman, general chairman of the 2015 World Congress and executive vice president of Honda North America. "It's exciting for Honda to be providing Executive Leadership to this World Congress because it falls during the 'Year of Honda,' a celebration of pinnacle product offerings and engineering achievements that will be on display throughout the Congress."

The SAE World Congress runs April 21 through 23 at Cobo Center in Detroit. More than 1,500 technical presentations will be made during the three day event and more than 1,400 technical papers will be released and made available – and more than 11,000 engineers are expected to attend. Continental is the lead auto supplier at the conference as the Tier One Strategic Partner to Honda.

"Our main-stage speakers, as well as the Honda engineering associates who will deliver technical papers during the three days of the World Congress, are integral parts of our global Honda team," said Berkman. "They embody Honda's "challenging spirit" – to tackle complex problems and work as a team to bring joy to our customers."

Paluch will deliver the annual banquet address, the much-anticipated evening finale to three full days of World Congress engineering activities. A long-established tradition each year at the SAE World Congress, the annual banquet – the largest and most prestigious gathering of global automotive industry leaders – includes honors given to the top OEM and supplier executives.

Another highlight of the World Congress will be provided by Ted Klaus, chief engineer and Acura NSX global development leader, the featured speaker at the SAE Detroit Section Meeting dinner event. At his speech, "The All-New Acura NSX", Klaus will be joined by key NSX powertrain, body and dynamic performance engineers to share new technical details in the SAE Detroit Section Vehicle Event at Grand Riverview Ballroom at Cobo Center, 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 22.

In addition to the more than 100 technical papers Honda presenters will offer at SAE, four Honda associates will deliver main-stage addresses as panelists on serious challenges and potential solutions:

Toshio Yokoyama, senior chief engineer at Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Japan, will speak as part of a panel on:

"The Autonomous Vehicle Race"

Moderated by Richard Wallace of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich., this session will explore where the self-driving car revolution is heading. AVL Theater in Grand Riverview Ballroom at Cobo, Tuesday, April 21, 9:30 a.m.

Ayumu Matsuo, chief engineer, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Japan, will speak as part of a panel on:

"Innovation in Powertrain Technology to Achieve 2025 Requirements & Beyond"

Patrick Davis of the U.S. Department of Energy will lead the discussion about where the tumultuous powertrain industry is headed in the next decade and beyond. AVL Theater in Grand Riverview Ballroom at Cobo, 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 22.

Jay Joseph, assistant vice president, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., will speak as part of a panel on:

"Vehicle Complexity is Booming. But is it Safe?"

Mr. Joseph will join competitors and suppliers to discuss the safety challenges of reliably ensuring the proper function of the growing number of electronics systems. Keeping up with these systems as vehicles age is related to warranty and recall issues. The expert panel will discuss how the industry will meet this need over the next five to 10 years and identify areas where functional safety development is necessary to avoid the industry's next Achilles heel. FEV Innovation Forum in the Grand Riverview Ballroom at Cobo, 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 22.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sendhoff, president, Honda Research Institute Europe, will speak as part of a panel on:

"The Future of Mobility Innovation"

Moderated by President Steven Lietaert of Hella USA Inc., Dr. Sendhoff and three fellow panelists will explore efficiency, profitability, CO2 emissions, safety, globalization and regulations – all in the context of resource limits, including both human resources and raw materials. AVL Theater in Grand Riverview Ballroom at Cobo, 9:45 a.m., Thursday, April 23.

Another venue for World Congress speakers – with a more informal town hall-type setting – is the Tech Hub on the show floor. This is where Chuck Thomas, a chief engineer at Honda R&D in Ohio, will deliver a talk called:

"Chasing Reality: Engineering's Digital World Made Real"

Thomas will explain how computer modeling of complex structures has allowed many old-line engineering compromises to be abandoned, making possible lighter, stronger, safer and more sustainable vehicles. Tech Hub on Show Floor, 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 21.

About Honda

Honda established operations in America in 1959 and now employs more than 39,000 associates in its North American sales, R&D and manufacturing operations with total capital investment in North America exceeding $22 billion. Based on its longstanding commitment to "build products close to the customer," Honda operates 16 major manufacturing facilities in North America producing a wide range of Honda and Acura automobiles, automobile engines and transmissions, Honda all-terrain vehicles, power equipment products, such as lawn mowers, mini-tillers and general purpose engines, and the HondaJet advanced light jet.

Eight Honda auto plants in the region, including four in the U.S., have the capacity to produce 1.92 million automobiles each year. In 2013, more than 94 percent of the Honda and Acura automobiles sold in the U.S. were produced in North America. Those plants today manufacture 12 different models, including five passenger cars and seven light trucks using domestic and globally sourced parts. A fifth U.S. auto plant, the Performance Manufacturing Center, is under construction in Marysville, Ohio, and next year will become the exclusive global production location for the next generation Acura NSX supercar. Honda also operates 14 major research and development centers in the U.S. with the capacity to fully design, develop and engineer many of the products Honda produces in North America.

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