Our Investment

Honda has the longest sustained U.S. manufacturing presence of any international automaker. We've contributed to the U.S. economy through manufacturing, R&D, sales, finance, and more— all based here in America. Take a closer look at everything we do.

  • Investment

    $17 Billion

  • Manufacturing

    12 Plants

  • Employment

    29,500 associates

  • R & D

    28 Models

  • Parts & Suppliers

    596 OEM suppliers

  • Exports

    88 countries

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Briefs & Reports

North America Environmental Report

North American Environmental Report

North American Environmental Report covers efforts to reduce our environmental footprint in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Honda 2015 Digital Factbook

2016 Digital Factbook

The Digital Fact Book provides an overview of North American sales, manufacturing, and R&D operations.

  • What Makes a Honda Is Who Makes a Honda: Alex’s Story
    What Makes a Honda Is Who Makes a Honda: Alex’s Story
    Meet Alex, a Honda process engineer who believes it’s his job to makes things better. He helps make Honda better by working on the Civic, but he also helps make his community better helping minority youth realize “the power of dreams.”
  • Honda Edheads Manufacturing Video Game
    Honda Edheads Manufacturing Video Game
    As one effort to create enthusiasm among younger students, Honda worked with Edheads, a Hilliard, Ohio educational game developer, to create a first-of-its kind manufacturing video game designed for classroom use. The game teaches logic, critical thinking and takes the user right to the engine manufacturing line where they apply math and problem solving skills to find answers to real world problems.
  • The First Production HondaJet Takes Flight
    The First Production HondaJet Takes Flight
    From Assembly to First Flight: Watch the first production HondaJet take to the sky. This HondaJet achieved its first flight on June 27, 2014.
  • Never Ending Race
    Never Ending Race
    In the early 1970's, as unprecedented levels of pollution choked the nation's largest cities, a group of Honda automobile engineers secretly toiled to develop an engine technology that would significantly reduce pollution from automobiles. This new environmental short film, "Never Ending Race," tells the story of Honda's industry-leading efforts to reduce vehicle emissions and how its successful technology demonstration for the state of California led to more stringent exhaust emissions standards. This eventually transformed the automobile industry's approach to automobile emissions controls and today, as a result, smog-forming emissions from new vehicles are one one-thousandth of 1970 levels. This is the third film in the award-winning Honda Environmental Film Series.
  • Rearview Backup Cameras
    Rearview Backup Cameras
    Before regulation required it, Honda made rearview backup cameras standard on nearly 100% of all new Honda and Acura vehicles. The cameras help increase awareness of what’s around you. It’s this kind of forward thinking that continues to make Honda an industry leader in driver-assistive and vehicle-safety technologies.
  • ASIMO Visits The Big Apple
    ASIMO Visits The Big Apple
    Honda's ASIMO, the world's most advanced humanoid robot, visits New York City to take in some of the iconic sights on a Spring day in the city.